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Bab’s 5 easy ways to help your child with handwriting

Bab’s 5 easy ways to help your child with handwriting

  1. Take the learning outside. Grab some chalk and have some fun writing letters and words on the driveway or any nearby stretch of concrete. Small chunks of chalk (or crayons on paper) will encourage your child to use a fingertip grip, which will help them learn to hold a pencil.
  1. Start a scribble journal. Decorate this special journal with your child (you might even have a special scribble pencil too) and keep it handy when you are out and about as easy activity to do while on the go. Some stickers in a zip lock pouch glued or stapled to the inside cover will add to the fun.
  1. Perfecting that pencil grip. Tell your child to use their “Go” fingers (thumb, pointer and middle finger) for writing and keep their “Stop” fingers (ring and pinkie finger) in their palm. You could also try some small stickers on your child’s pencil to remind them where to place their GO fingers.
  1. Fine motor skills fun. Create a box of fun items that will help develop your child’s fine motor skills. The box might contain: modelling clay, a small ball (get your child to walk the ball up their leg using their GO fingers), child safe scissors & coloured paper, and some thick string and straws for threading.

5. What is your child’s problem area? Handwriting problems are usually discovered in four main areas: letter formation, sizing, spaces between words, and line-alignment. Focus your child’s practice on the letters or concepts that challenge them. Bab’s ruled handwriting sheets are a great way to work on all four areas.

Bab’s handwriting sheet

Bab’s ruled handwriting sheets are a great way to work on all four areas.

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