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Our story

Taking the leap

It was during COVID lockdown 1.0 (back in March 2020) that long-time graphic designer Jerry came to the realisation her dream of being a children’s book illustrator would never happen if she wasn’t brave enough to take a leap into the unknown.

You see, Jerry had been drawing a cute little rabbit for months now. He’d named himself Bab and each time he appeared on her sketch pad he was doing something different—swimming in the ocean with sea creatures or exploring craters on the moon with his friend Pat the sea cucumber. Jerry’s heart was telling her that in Bab she had the makings of a magical children’s book. The art was easy—three full sketchpads were testament to that—but she needed a writer on board to truly bring Bab’s adventures to life. 

Cue Jerry sending a tentative email to her writer friend Sarah. It went something like this: Want to develop a series of childrens picture books with me?

The rapid-fire response she got back told her all she needed: Yes please! Count me in!

The beauty of creative projects is that they quickly take on a life of their own. Before Jerry and Sarah knew it their plan for a series of 5 children’s picture books had grown to include a stage show showcasing the books through live story readings, while teaching children about how an illustrator and author come together to ‘make’ a book.

Then came the dancing band of extra Bab fun: 

  • a catalogue of creative make-and-do activities, 
  • Bab songs to learn and sing, 
  • downloads to help parents encourage their child’s imagination and develop their learning skills,
  • resources for teachers keen to complement what they were doing in class.

Jerry and Sarah knew early on that they were building something special with Bab the Rabbit, but both admit they never expected the fun that continues to roll on…

Jerry loves to draw

Her earliest memories of creating pictures on paper go back to the neighbourhood art class her Mum put her in as a six-year-old. Playing with colours and letting the images she could see so clearly in her head dance their way onto the page taught her that art is first and foremost about FUN—a discovery she has held onto in life.

She has worked for many years as a graphic designer and photographer, but now Jerry is putting FUN first and carving out a career as a children’s book illustrator.

She lives in Brisbane with her very supportive husband, one rather moody cat, and a delightfully dramatic six-year-old who is the source of inspiration for characters like Bab the Rabbit.

Sarah loves to write

She works as an editor and content writer, but is happiest when creating her own made up stories. 

Collaborating with her awesome friend Jerry on the adventures of Bab the Rabbit is like a playdate at the park; swinging from the monkey bars and sliding down the slippery dip!

Sarah lives in Brisbane with her husband and four children. You can learn more about Sarah and her writing here.